19 Dec


Welcome everyone, I would like to welcome you to a project that while already well underway, is today moving onto a new stage, to be on display to the world with the same excitement as its first day.

We have spent eleven years working on the lodge in these surroundings that we so love and adore, as it is where we are from and where we wish to keep going about our lives into the future. We are familiar with the projects taking place in the valley, which we participate in and we believe that we have a unique and special opportunity to allow Lastur to remain alive, retaining its traditions, customs, etc., while also showing it off to each visitor who wants to be part of it.

Thanks to the initiative of the habitants of Lastur alongside the help and confidence instilled by the different associations and public entities, we have been able to have this tourist lodge in Lastur today. While being privately managed through a transfer contract, the building belongs to the municipality of Deba.

We have met many people throughout these years, many of whom are friends today, helping us maintain this enthusiasm and desire to continue working here;

We are entering a new stage, abound with excitement and enthusiasm to work, we would like to thank everyone for contributing to our life project, ensuring that we do not lose our enthusiasm for continuing the work on this project.