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About the lodge

Located in a unique and privileged enclave of the Basque coastline, all the attractions of the Basque Country are a stone’s throw away.


Our lodge has eight bedrooms. Our rooms range from fully private to shared, with spaces where you can relax and share experiences, with all the information on the activities that you will be able to partake in.


The Lastur valley gives the feeling of having been frozen in time without giving way to modernity, while being fully integrated.

Las Actividades

Located in the heart of the Geopark of the Basque Coast, there are numerous activities that are offered in this area and its vicinity.

About Us

Despite being from Lastur and having completed my education nearby in a non- tourism-related subject, I (Maitane) had the opportunity of moving closer to the Lastur valley. This project and initiative taking place in the valley itself offered me the opportunity of embarking on an unexpected turn in my life, commencing with my work at the Lastur lodge, which has become my life project.

We started off with a 27-person lodge that housed a multipurpose room, turning it into a tourist lodge over several stages over the last few years. While the hostel was managed internally in its first few years, it worked in collaboration with different companies and businesses in order to be able to offer a better service to visitors. The businesses in those days were different to today, where aside from being businesses, are friends, something essential in our journey.

Throughout these past 11 years, I have gotten to know many people, many friends from different cultures, with different viewpoints and ways of being that that has amounted to a great experience.

My own life and life project has continued to change, where life has not stood still …

2011 was a great year for us with the birth of our first son, Unax, an unforgettable event, bringing us an amazing range of experiences, fears, responsibilities, a time when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to keep everything going. However, our second son, Eritz was born in 2013, so it is crazier than ever!

They are our treasures and it seems that our whole life revolves around them. There was a time when I thought that I had to give my whole strength to them, but I have since found that they also help me to maintain the enthusiasm and desire to continue working at this lodge. These surroundings, its customs, our way of life….I think, believe, feel that our children must have the opportunity that I have had to able to continue here in Lastur.

Eritz’s birth made me see that I could not offer a good service all on my own. This prompted me to talk to Itxasne who from the very beginning has shown her interest, excitement and enthusiasm to be part of the project. There are 10 years between us and while we knew each other, we were not particularly close. We talked about it in the kitchen and she said to me: the thing is Maitane, while I have graduated in administration, I don’t know if I am going to be very good at it…

Of course, it goes without saying that she excels at it! She loves Lastur, loves the surroundings, knows it well and really loves her work at the lodge. What more could we ask for!

Needless to say, ongoing training, courses etc. are always necessary in order to learn and study and how can we forget English, quality courses, training, languages … However, one thing we are definitely not lacking is the desire and the enthusiasm we have had from day one. While we are now entering a new stage, we continue with the same or an even greater amount of enthusiasm than when we first started out.

We believe that our valley, thanks to its surroundings, people and the new initiatives that surround us, offer us an excellent opportunity and occasion to continue working and form part of the future of the Lastur valley.